Social Media and COVID-19: Update

30 Mar

Social Media and COVID-19: Update

At Pursuit, the decisions we make are rooted in hard data and up-to-the-minute trends. Below are five key takeaways we’ve observed and tracked throughout the development of the COVID-19 pandemic that demonstrate the real benefit of a continued, active social media presence during this time. Not only are users more active Monday to Friday, but weekend activity is up, as well, indicating that a market to efficiently and sensitively engage users remains open.

Increase, on average, in reach and discovery across residential real estate clients.

Decrease in reach and discovery for commercial real estate, compared to the same period.

We are pleased with the initial reception of virtual tours. After a test trial of including this in our social calendars, clients reported an uptick in virtual appointment requests.

Increase in clicks through to each residences website

On average, compared to general lifestyle content, posts related to floor plans have garnered 21% more reach and 31% more impressions on a per post basis, suggesting continued buyer interest.


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