We are in Pursuit Of...
more powerful print
broader reach
deeper engagement
highest level of client service
higher conversions
more innovative campaigns
holistic strategies
precision targeting
real time solutions to tomorrow's problems

why pursuit

Over the last ten years we have watched the luxury advertising realm transform and become an industry far more sophisticated than ever seen before. In response, we have been offering our clients innovative solutions for the implementation of multi-channel media. To truly showcase our years of research, analysis and results, we decided that a new company name would provide more strategic insight into what we represent.

To accomplish this, it was needed to become our own case study. Leveraging our thought-leading Pursuit team, we re-branded, re-developed and re-launched ourselves. We are in pursuit of the most sophisticated, most curated and most responsive advertising placements across all mediums. We are in pursuit of creative expertise, unparalleled strategy, expert consulting and impeccable service. We are in pursuit of taking our clients’ goals and exceeding expectations with our relentless strive for perfection. We are Pursuit!

/ The team

Pursuit is comprised of innovators and educators that strive every day to bring our clients the results they’re asking for.

We are the leading

              strategic media agency

                            for luxury brands

We live in a world of people who are constantly engaged to millions of different touch-points. We build experiences, heighten emotions and engage with our target audience in many different ways. Our holistic approach to advertising ensures we are consistently optimizing to ensure a campaign never becomes redundant, dull or boring.