Pursuit’s strategic media services are focused on placing our clients’ messages in the right mix of traditional and digital channels to reach their most valuable target audiences as cost-effectively as possible.


Pursuit develops comprehensive, highly orchestrated media buying strategies that reach target audiences in the physical, digital, visual, and verbal spaces in which they live, work, and play. From prestigious magazines and high-impact billboards to leading digital and social media networks, we create multi-channel programs that engage our clients’ most valuable prospects across multiple touch points.

Print Advertising

From prestigious domestic and international newspapers and magazines to elite boutique publications, print advertising – done well as part of an orchestrated multi-channel strategy – is an incredibly powerful tool. Pursuit creates strategies that leverage the unique power of print to generate broad awareness while reaching precisely targeted affluent audiences. We work closely with publishers on custom content that amplifies the impact of messaging.

Digital Advertising: Direct-to-Publisher

When impresssions on a specific publication’s online properties are critical to achieving marketing and branding goals, direct-to-publisher purchases ensure that your content appears to your target audience on that publication’s digital platforms. These programs allow for deeper penetration into a publisher’s audience.

Digital Advertising: Programmatic

Programmatic purchasing of digital inventory from exchanges enables Pursuit to cost-effectively deliver content to ultra-precise audiences online. Granular targeting can include income and demographic as well as psychographic and purchase behavior data points.

Mobile Media Advertising

Placement of banner ads on mobile websites and mobile apps is highly targeted based on device location and demographic and psychographic data.

Social Media Advertising

Pursuit places advertising content on popular social media platforms that are most relevant to our clients’ brands. Sponsored content and boosted posts on platforms with robust targeting capabilities, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, make social advertising one of the highest-converting tools we deploy for our clients.


Billboards, train wraps, subways, bus shelters, and bike-share stations are among the outdoor signage opportunities Pursuit uses to place our clients’ branding and messaging where it will reach an enormous number of people. Identifying the most relevant geographic locations is key to reaching the most valuable audiences.

Broadcast Media

Pursuit continually evaluates clients’ target audiences to determine where they are watching and listening. As media consumption patterns change, we place original content in the right mix of pathways, including on network and cable television, terrestrial and satellite radio, and streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora, among others.