Pursuit is Loving Zoom Backgrounds

07 Apr

Pursuit is Loving Zoom Backgrounds

Like you, we have been using Zoom conference every day of our working (and not working) lives. We have been on the most important meetings, the occasional happy hour and even a few birthdays.

To make this occasion a little more Pursuit festive, we have decided to provide you with a few images, so that you can work with us together in our new-ish office.

PLEASE NOTE: This can work for any place you like. If you would like to upload any other image of Central Park, the Statue of Liberty or your favorite NYC landmark, just follow the same instructions as below!

To add these, or any other images to your Zoom:

  1. Right-click or command-click any image image and save it to your desktop or another convenient place.
  2. Open your next Zoom conference.
  3. Next to the “Stop Video” button on the conference, you will see an Up Arrow – click that.
  4. Select “Choose Virtual Background.”
  5. You will now see your camera and your face 🙂 – Below the camera image on the right is a + button – again, click that.
  6. Your computer files should show up. Navigate to the image you have saved and click “open.”
  7. Select the uploaded image and you should be working right along side of us at Pursuit.

We can’t wait for you to join us.

*note – to get the images perfectly for Zoom, you may want to reverse them. Zoom works in selfie mode…

Have fun and stay safe and healthy!

Pursuit Lounge
Pursuit Lunch
Pursuit Conference Room
Pursuit Entry Way

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