TOWN Residential: #LookUpNY

01 Oct

TOWN Residential: #LookUpNY

Photo of Aaron Burns by Marie Havens/

We’re thrilled to officially announce the winner of TOWN Residential’s #LookUpNY campaign this week! Over the course of 90 days, we scoured through 4,167 photos from 3,000 unique contributors and found Aaron Burns’ photo beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

To activate the campaign socially, nylmedia posted daily clues and answers highlighting the provenance of architectural details across New York City. In addition to the campaign photography, we curated a weekly selection of our favorite thematic #LookUpNY posts submitted by thousands of contributors.

The cornerstone of the social media program online is a custom-built map developed using the Instagram API, Twitter Firehose and Google Maps API that plots images uploaded with location coordinates in real-time. We implemented UI enhancements to include marker clustering, performance enhancements and optimized import processing after the map plotted thousands of photos.

The campaign generated over 3.9 million impressions across Twitter and Instagram through the #lookupny hashtag. TOWN Residential saw a 2054% growth in their Instagram audience and 53% increase in their Twitter audience.