LAGOS Jewelry: Enso Collection Launch - Pursuit
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LAGOS Jewelry: Enso Collection Launch

LAGOS Jewelry: Enso Collection Launch

We’re thrilled for a new season of strong style with LAGOS Jewelry this fall. To launch their newest collection, Enso, we’ve partnered with Dorothy Beal, the creator of Mile Posts. The 24-time marathoner, mother of three and running coach is revealing her #strongstyle tips for success, strength and focus through the month of September. At the end of the month, LAGOS will donate one Enso bracelet to her charity of choice, Challenged Athletes. LAGOS fans will also have the opportunity to share their own #strongstyle stories for a donation to be made to their favorite cause. Find your #strongstyle inspiration on LAGOS’s Instagram @lagos_jewelry, Twitter @lagos_jewelry, Facebook and Pinterest.

Lagos Jewelry Enso Collection Launch #strongstyle

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